NorthPoint approaches each and every project as a combination of our Core Values and our technical expertise. First, we make sure that the market fundamentals are appropriate for the projects. Second, we figure out the best solution; best solutions can range from the clients's need, logistics savings, technical needs in their building. Lastly, we take a conservative approach to the project with our key financial discipline in place. NorthPoint prides itself on using a team of experts to explore all aspects of the project to ensure overall success.



ColdPoint was formed with a vision of storing and transloading agricultural products closer to their production locations which allows greater flexibility in serving end users. NorthPoint Development, the parent company of ColdPoint, worked with BNSF and government agencies to establish a heavyweight corridor.

ColdPoint’s business model allows cargo owners and shippers to reduce the number of transloads required to bring products to market, reduce domestic trucking mileage, reduce reliance on cold storage at port facilities, and reduce heavyweight domestic drayage within the port complexes.

ColdPoint shares the same core values as its sister company, NorthPoint Development, a 100+ person real estate development company that has deployed over $1.4 billion in the past three years. ColdPoint puts people first, takes ownership of every situation, and does the right thing, every time.

We operate our business in a financially disciplined way and we live generously. 30% of ColdPoint is owned by its employees, meaning customers are interacting with owners of the company. Employee ownership is just one example of how our actions are aligned with our values.

Today, Coldpoint is operating in Phases 1 and 2. This consist of 33,000 total pallets, with blast freezing, high velocity -10 rooms for slow freeze and over 70 truck doors. Coldpoint can utilize rail or container traffic. Drayage services for containers and trailer spotting is available to our customers.  We are using radio frequency racks for optimal productivity and density. Phase 3 will be opened in August 2018 with two convertible rooms totaling 3,000 pallets each and 12,000 pallets of +37-degree space. Phase 4 is currently in the planning stage.

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