NorthPoint approaches each and every project as a combination of our Core Values and our technical expertise. First, we make sure that the market fundamentals are appropriate for the projects. Second, we figure out the best solution; best solutions can range from the clients's need, logistics savings, technical needs in their building. Lastly, we take a conservative approach to the project with our key financial discipline in place. NorthPoint prides itself on using a team of experts to explore all aspects of the project to ensure overall success.



During the past 50 years, and especially over the past two decades, self storage has been one of the fastest growing commercial real estate businesses in the United States.


Although self storage began as a land use alternative, often in less desirable locations, major operators and investors are now setting their focus on Class A facilities in strong urban and suburban markets because of the operational value that comes from being in a prime location with good drive-by traffic and great visibility.

The self storage industry provides NorthPoint with a unique opportunity to provide sophisticated, class A, product to underserved markets. This asset type allows for potentially greater return versus other commercial real estate investments, a less complex and risky construction process, as well as continued strong performance during times of economic retraction.

Self Storage